Fun Valentine Ideas for everyone BUT your SWEETHEART <3

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It is almost that time again! No, Not Christmas, but the big V-DAY. 

Yup, traditionally, we think of gifts for our sweethearts, but how about some cute ideas for some out of the box traditional things to do in celebration of AMOUR!

Sweet friends?

*How about a Wine Swap?

This BYOB event is creative and fun, especially for any wine lovers. Let your friends bring their favorite wine (reds, bubbly or whites) and let the taste test begin. You can even have guests bring two bottles of the same kind, so you can raffle off a few at the end of the night.

*Personalized Gal Goodie Bags?

Who doesn't like free stuff? Have a goodie bag party, where you provide your friends with the materials they need to make their own custom tote or pair of earrings. Invite them to fill it with delicious treats and small gadgets. You can even donate them to spread some love.

*Brunch or Coffee with your Babes?

Brunch or a sit down fava coffee place is an excuse for friends to have fun, relax and indulge in delicious food they an share together. Add a V-Day spin to a weekend brunch with my suggested Valentine's Day breakfast ideas.

Sweet Sisters?

*Spa Day at Home

With the Pandemic keeping a lot of siblings miles apart, there are great ideas you can do from a distance. Putting together a Pamper Day at Home Package is such a great idea. You can make your own thoughtful gifts with DIY Youtube videos on how to make some at home self-care goodies such as Body Lotion, Bath Bombs, Candles, and Face Masks! Some products you might already have at home. Or you can buy her favorite items as well!

* Wine/Brewery Tour

Always a great way to spend time with someone you love hanging out with, and what better excuse to do it again than Valentine's Day? Book a tour with your closest (or traveling is fun to) Winery or Brewery for some fun filled Sips (and maybe some trips) ! Take some great photos and don't forget to post #ilovecountrycharm when you do.

*Twin Heart Dress Up 

Sister love is one of a kind. Sometimes biological and sometimes not. The bond you share is what makes that sentiment mean something. This Valentines, do something special that makes twin hearts look the same! Buy each other identical outfits, accessories and so on. Do a "Who wore it best" photo post with your family and friends and the winner has to pay for Valentine's Lunch. 

*Sweet Teacher? 


Succa for You!

These succulent jars are not just pretty, they’re also useful! They require little maintenance, which means teachers can keep them on their desks and enjoy them all year long.

*Old Fashion Sac Pack

You can craft these with a little paint and heart sponge to add to the middle, which you can fill in with pretty much anything – lip balms, nail polish, bath bombs or some cute stationery. And if you’ve got time, you can even put in a cute little message inside!

*Love you a Latte

These are super cute and easy to make. Finding cute mugs, yummy chocolate and paper filler can be easily found at Dollar stores. The Hearts with the words to top it off can be made with cardstock paper and a printer. Just get a few Coffee cups for a Keurig or Verisimo, cut out a while to place it in and abracadabra!